Money Struggle

If time is money, I’ve wasted to much cash. Trying to prove them all wrong and blaming it all on the past.

Life is the mystery, trying to unlock the stash of knowledge and wisdom; while I’m stuck in this realm  chasing cash.

They say “the struggle is real” your damn right it is. We check over our shoulders for cops, and hardly protect our little kids. (don’t expand your mind, here play with mommies S5. Don’t check my news feed, keep mommies phone alive. I’ve got send new daddy pictures, because real daddy won’t try.) all while she’s stealing from the local Walmart and constantly getting high. A brutal reality of a futile duality from a child in a home of absent mommy and daddy.

I’ve heard that “Life is a beach” I’m just praying for the sand to melt with the fire in my soul into a glass future, that can stretch farther than my hands.

May love conquer all and never leave me lost, because this money is blinding and makes the bigger picture fade away into the Fog.